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Why work for Transmission Excellence?

Transmission, and in particular offshore transmission, is one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields in Britain’s energy industry with the total length of offshore transmission cable due to more than double over the next four years. The increase is driven by the construction of new offshore wind farms much further from shore, by an upsurge in support for international interconnectors, and by the previously unknown use of underwater cables in place of building new onshore overhead lines.

At the same time there has been a revolution in the use of power electronics in the generation, transmission and consumption of power. In 2010 Britain had 2,500MW of HVDC converters, but by 2021 – just 11 years later – it will have 14,800MW of converter capacity for interconnectors and internal links. At the same time generation is also being revolutionised with most wind turbines, and all solar and battery storage systems, connecting through power electronic converters.

Transmission Excellence is one of the few businesses to offer you the chance to focus on these two exceptionally interesting and fast moving areas. Our emphasis on innovation makes us an exciting, fast-paced, entrepreneurial place to work where you will be employed in activities of real importance and will be able to look back with pride on work that has really made a difference to our industry – and to the country.

We are based in Kenilworth, in the heart of Britain. Not only does this put us at the centre of the transmission industry – we are just minutes away from Britain’s largest transmission company and thirty minutes drive from the Energy Systems Catapult – it also means living and working in a beautiful part of the country, recently voted as one of the UK’s best places to live.


We are recruiting smart people with a technical background, good written communication skills and a desire to learn. Electrical Engineering qualifications are ideal, but highly motivated people with other technical backgrounds will also be considered. The work will be highly varied - but always interesting - including technical, regulatory, economic and human aspects, with none of the over-specialised silos that can be found in larger companies. Salaries are dependent on the person, but are generally above industry norms.


For more information please see our Recruitment Brochure.

If you think you have what we need to support our aims, and would enjoy working here, then we’d love to hear from you. Please send your CV and contact details to

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