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Our Experience

Unrivalled experience of offshore transmission and interconnector technology, development & regulation.

TX staff have:

  • Co-founded an offshore transmission owner (“OFTO”) business and managed the technical aspects of its bids. These bids ultimately resulted in the awarding of licenses for the connection of over 800MW of offshore wind generation and the creation of a transmission business worth over £500m.
  • Led the BritNed Interconnector project (1000MW HVDC, Britain-Netherlands) from instigation up to handover to the construction team. This £500m project was commissioned in 2011.
  • Led the FAB interconnector project (1400MW HVDC, Britain-France) from instigation up to approval of the regulatory “cap and floor” by Ofgem. Key challenges dealt with on this project and BritNed included environmental permitting, national and international regulatory agreement, cable routing and protection, supply chain limitations and partner relationships.
  • Undertaken economic analysis of interconnectors to Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland and Norway.
  • Secured over €12m of EU funding.
  • Provided consultancy advice for several third-party interconnector developers, focusing on connection design, regulatory arrangements and quantifying the economic impact of technical design decisions.
  • Been involved in all aspects of Ofgem’s offshore transmission policy development, all aspects of Ofgem interconnector policy development, and all aspects of EU policy on international energy trading.

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