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Converter Dominated Grids: Recent Webinar

As more DC-to-AC converters (e.g. wind, solar, HVDC transmission and battery energy storage) are connected to the grid, and as traditional synchronous machines are displaced from the grid, new voltage stability challenges are emerging.

Along with two partner companies (HVDC Technologies Ltd and Power Technologies Ltd) TX has been working for National Grid Electricity System Operator, undertaking simulations of the future British grid system in order to learn more about these emergent challenges.

The level of detail involved in these simulations is unprecedented: the simulations have a time resolution of just 50 micro-seconds in order to fully capture the behaviour of power electronics and converter control systems, a significant part of the British grid has been modelled in detail, and all generators throughout the grid are modelled as either synchronous machines or as DC-to-AC converters (i.e. no ideal sources).

The results of this work were presented at a recent webinar [Download slides from Webinar]. Work on this project is continuing.